Thursday, October 29, 2009

IRAQ show is up at UPENN

The IRAQ show is open at UPENN Museum of Anthropology and Archeology now! This is the show that us folks in the conservation lab worked really hard putting together (mostly Lynn, Nina and Julie). Pics below show Queen Puabi's complicated gold headdress on the show form, before the form was upholstered. The blue paper represents 25+ feet of gold ribbon (made from real solid gold) that would wrap around Queen Puabi's major hair. We're not sure if she and other ancient Iraqis wore wigs or if this was their real hair, but either way, it's huge and impressive.

Dr. Lynn Grant dressing Queen Puabi.

Check out the details of the show here.

And details about Queen Puabi as well as a photo series showing her upholstered form being installed in the gallery along with her diadem and her cape of beads, go here.
(scroll down for the photos).

I worked in particular on upholstering her hair/helmet. This took longer than expected, plus I'd never upholstered anything before, let alone an irregular shaped form with a bunch of curves. But I'm pretty confident that I can upholster almost anything now. It was a good, challenging experience. And luckily I've got some skills already with a needle and thread!

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