Monday, May 31, 2010

Silver Seabright Bantam Cock

I finally finished the 1st in a series I want to do of roosters based off of the book "The Fairest of the Fowl".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Made a logo and such

This is what I did today (after sending out resumes, setting up three interviews and possibly scoring a job --- BOO-YAH!):

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Post on SquidWhale!

Hey Friends! My collaborator, Sarah L. Hunt, just posted her very first blog post on our SquidWhale blog.  
Check it out!


SquidWhale is taking over my life.....

Not that I mind. I mean, I kind of do because I have a back-log of projects, both for my personal work and for SquidWhale, and each day I conjure new projects for both of my creative endeavors. I can see now that my work will never be done. I'm thankful for that though. If I were done with all I wanted to do, I'd be dreadfully bored. Then what? I'd wait around to...I dunno, die? Snoooore.
Sarah has developed these awesome plaid mice. The other pieces are elements from our 4ft. wallpaper design.These images will eventually be printed onto fabrics that will then be used for our product line.         
So, I don't have much to show you right now (except the above image), but my partner in crime, Sarah, is going to be updating our shared SquidWhale blog soon with details of our thrifting adventure and where our work is thus far in our first collection. The thrifting was our first one together. She's been thrifting her whole life, and I've known Sarah for, oh, about a decade, and this past weekend was the first time she got me thrifting. I think it helps to have a focus on what you're searching for. It also helps that I'm imbibed with a sense of purpose and determination at building my own business. 
Additionally, for the Midwives Members Show in June, all members are doing a quilt block for a small redwork quilt. A couple of us are doing two blocks. This is my second one:
Just a bunch of fish scales.
I'm thinking some of these will be filled in with a satin stitch.
I also have an octopus thing I'm drafting right now for an embroidery project. This project was on hold for a while to work on my dyed silk pieces for my show, LAMINA, which is up at Barefoot Clinic until May 28th. But I'm looking forward to making the octopus. I love doing the research and drawing the imagery and then building that into an embroidery. Sometimes I get frustrated at how time-consuming these things can be, but I remember that it's OK to take my time to do it right, and there will never be enough time to do all that I can think of doing, but it's good that I don't have a lack of ideas to be excited about. And hey, at least I ain't bored. ;)