Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey all,
been busy lately. Last Friday I participated in my friend's on-going photo project series. Helen Maurene Cooper is an awesome photographer who lives and works in Chicago (though she used to hail from Philly, which is how I was lucky enough to meet her and become her friend).
Her current work (which is not yet up on her website but other great stuff is) deals with issues of hip-hop culture and race relations, gender relations, and black American history. She recently won a fellowship to go to the Underground Railroad sites in Ohio and continue her project in those sites. She composes the figure(s) in front of a backdrop in typically mannerist poses. In a few weeks she'll have sifted through all the shots she took of Sarah Hunt and I and choose her favorites.
It was a real joy to work with Maurene on this project. We discussed having a show of her work in our space in the future and I am really looking forward to bringing this to fruition.

Maurene set up her backdrop in our gallery space.

Maurene and her many cameras. She shot with three different cameras for three different formats.

Sarah in costume.

The set up in our gallery space during our most recent show.

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