Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Date is Set!

We just got back from Valley Green Inn and our meeting with Kate, their events coordinator. I can't believe how easy it was to put together our contract for our wedding and reception and how relatively inexpensive this is going to be! While I don't think we'll get to our goal of 10K (after factoring in all the other stuff, like photographer, flowers, invitations, etc), we'll definitely not be over our budget, which is awesome! And Kate is so helpful and easy to work with. Valley Green Inn is a beautiful venue. And it's really wonderful that Wissahickon Park is a place that is meaningful to both Brendan and I.
Right across the dirt road from the Inn is this lovely river, where ducks and geese hang out. There are benches all along it and further up the road a little bit is an area of picnic tables. This will be good for all the kids coming to the wedding. They'll be able to go run around a little and feed the geese when they get restless.
We're really relieved at how simple this was. No crazy hidden costs, and they have great all-inclusive packages. They really are so willing to work with us regarding details and specifics that I don't feel like we're trapped into something we don't want or having to pay for things we're not interested in having. And the setting is so lovely, there's really not much we'll have to do to doll it up.
Oh, and we settled on May 22, 2011! It's the day before my birthday, but that's just coincidence. We were thinking either the 15th or the 22nd. After speaking with our flower people, we decided the later date because that's typically when better blooms are happening. We're trying to do things as seasonally as possible, as well as showcasing local vendors/businesses we like. Our florist is the family we buy bouquets from each year at our farmers market.
The river that runs in front of the Inn.
Geese and ducks like to congregate closer to the bridge.
Another shot of said river.
Mom & Dad!
Brendan & I standing just about where
we'll be exchanging vows.
Follow the path to a cute little
picnic area.