Tuesday, April 6, 2010

120,000 steps and 2300 dollars

I'm walking the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3Day, (Oct. 2010) which is 60 miles over 3 days. This translates to roughly 120,000 individual steps I'll be taking just on that weekend. This doesn't include the many, many training walks I have to do leading up to game day. And I've been training hard. But all that training will be for nothing unless I reach the minimum fundraising goal of $2300. That money allows me to walk.

And I want to walk. Badly. I really, really want to walk. I feel very strongly about this. The 3Day is the single largest demonstration one can do to raise awareness  about (and funds for) breast cancer and applicable treatments and research. I like being healthy and like the training for this, but I know there will come a time when I may not be so healthy. I have people in my life who've been affected specifically by breast cancer. I want to do something big and important and lasting for them and for those that have been lost, which is why I'm cultivating blisters on my feet and going to sleep sore several nights a week. It's why I'm saving up for a new pair of really great supportive sneakers, and why I'm binding and icing my crappy trick right ankle. It's why I'm setting aside many hours each week to walk, when I could be sitting around and relaxing or doing almost anything else. This is why I'll be trekking through heat, rain, chilly early mornings, on mud, on concrete, on dirt paths and pebbly roadsides. But getting to the 3Day is not an individual act by me. It's going to take a community of supporters to bring me to that finish line on Sunday, October 17th. 

And that's where you, the donor come in. I know everyone has at least one woman in their lives whom they absolutely love and adore. If you love that woman, choose to donate to my fund so I can walk for them and for you. I've had people donate $100, and I've had people donate $5, and every single dollar counts. I'm so thankful to all that have been generous to me and I hope more people set aside even a little bit to donate to me. Help me spread the word. If you've donated, let your friends and family know. Let them know they can donate to my fund as well. Donating is the easy part. CLICK HERE and support me as I prepare for those extremely important 120,000 steps this October.


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