Friday, March 5, 2010

A Floral and An Argyle

The photos below aren't the best but it's some progress. For our MWC members show (theme is RED, be it the color itself and/or some emotional/psychological meaning of the color, or even the absence of it), Sarah and I are going to collaborate. We've tried to collaborate before, and haven't quite gotten there, but this feels different. We both have a long-standing fascination with the Turkey Red patterns popular in Europe in the 1890's as well as the redwork embroidery that was popular at about the same time (the red embroidery floss was dyed with the colorfast Turkey Red). For our collaboration, we're planning some sort of installation that celebrates this particular red and the patterns on patterns of the fabrics that were popular in the fashion of the time, possibly doing wallpapers. We worked once before on a wallpaper installation together, for Sarah's solo show "The Hesitation Waltz", where she designed a donkey wallpaper. I taught her the basics in repeat structures, helped her transfer her pattern onto the paper and helped install things. It was a good experience.

This is actually my first attempted argyle. I can't believe I've never designed one before. I am planning to layer on some sort of floral pattern over the argyle structure.

This is a simple "checkerboard" repeat with abstracted florals in a medallion setting. Not sure if I'm going to keep the grid or not, but will try different variations for fun.


  1. i like the grid, it makes the medalions levitate- and gives it depth.

  2. Hey thanks! I think so too. It's always helpful to have another set of eyes take a look. Thanks for the feedback!