Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Personal Hero: Patrick Blanc

I love Patrick Blanc. My heart beats a little faster when I look at the amazing living installations he's done up the sides of buildings and in other unlikely spaces. There's a sense of magic and adventure to what he's created, as well as a feeling of nature "reclaiming" space. Patrick Blanc himself is weird and wild, dyeing his hair green and wearing green, as if he too is trying to become a plant in his huge living murals. I think he's fearless and I admire this.
He's such an inspiration that Brendan and I have decided that should our next place have an appropriate space, we want to build our own vertical garden to enjoy year-round when our outside garden sleeps during the winter. We found a great blog by a guy in NYC who built a greenwall in his home with his wife. The whole blog has helpful information in it, answering questions, making material lists, etc. DIY GREENWALLS.

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