Friday, February 19, 2010

Engagement Photo Session

One of the things that Brendan and I want to do is engagement photos. We plan on using these for our "save the dates" and such, and just for our own fun so that we have something to remember this particular and unique time in our lives. And in doing the research, there are some things we've definitely decided against:

1. balloons
2. being in a field or a tree
3. having photos that look like shots from a catalog
4. soft-focus light

Some things we want to focus on:

1. something creative with a sense of whimsy
2. comedy and humor (we like to think of ourselves as funny folks. Brendan in particular gets my sides splitting many times a day).
3. bright, cheery and colorful
4. handmade

All this thinking was spurred by a post on The Inspired Bride.
I think sitting down and deciding certain likes/dislikes was really helpful in our brainstorming session last night. And our idea evolved quickly to something we're both enthusiastic about. We'll be using my co-op gallery space to build a small set based off of a poem. And thankfully I have a hefty amount of large pieces of foamboard left over from previous projects that will finally get used!

Some clues:
1. proscenium arch
2. a boat
3. stars and a moon

Can't wait to get these done and share them!

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