Friday, December 18, 2009

Midwives Holiday Party 2009

I really love my art collective, The Midwives Collective & Gallery. Sometimes I get frustrated or a bit overworked, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. And this is very evident in our annual holiday party! This year's was especially fun because we have a few new members (and new potential members) who came and participated in our present exchange, told stories and enjoyed a delicious dinner together. It was beautiful! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but I have photos of my Secret Santa gift to Christiana! I was SO PUMPED to give this to her because we both LOOOOVE Dexter and have been watching the episodes together. She's a wonderful Dexter viewing partner because she gets so caught up in the drama and spends the hour gripping a pillow to her and yelling things like "OH MY GOD!" next to me on the couch. And this season has been AMAAAAAZING with the Trinity Killer. Man. Blowing my mind! I forgot what an awesome bad guy John Lithgow can be.
Anyway, for her gift, I embroidered and framed a little piece of Dexter (though we refer to it as Sexter because Michael C. Hall is so hot!).
So, check it out:

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